A business proposal to Santa

A business proposal to Santa

These days, we rather take Christmas gifts for granted. We go to bed on Christmas Eve, with the happy assumption that tomorrow our stockings will be full. So imagine if there were only limited spaces on Santa’s ‘Good’ list. Imagine if it were up to each of us, to pitch for a place…


Gilbhub Business Proposal: ‘Good List’

Response to: Recipients needed for ‘Good’ list


Section 1: Gilbhub:

Here at Gilbhub, good behaviour is our top priority. We have been firmly established as ‘well behaved’ for almost twenty-seven years and are proud to have been shortlisted for the ‘Good’ list on multiple occasions. Previous examples of our outstanding behaviour include donating to charity, helping a lady with a buggy on the tube and faithfully taking care of a high maintenance pet lizard (see appendix). Above all, we are passionate about helping you achieve your objective of delivering gifts on Christmas Eve.


Section 2: Proposal:

During ‘Phase One’, we’ll begin by drafting a fully branded ‘Christmas List’ document. This will outline each of the key deliverables we’re hoping to receive from The Grotto and will take into account any technical, physical or economic limitations posed by the sleigh and other environmental factors. Working towards the deadline of the eve of 24th December, we’ll aim to position the ‘Christmas List’ document beside the fireplace, ahead of your arrival.

‘Phase Two’ will begin with your arrival on Christmas Eve, when you will have the opportunity to review the ‘Christmas List’ document and provide feedback. In order to accommodate the difference in working hours, we propose that any feedback be noted on the back of the document, rather than raised at the time. Alternatively, we would be happy to set up a shared GoogleDoc. Whilst we are happy to accommodate any change requests for the 2015 document, once we have reached the proposed deadline of 24th December 2014, we unfortunately won’t be able to accommodate amendments to the list, or the good behaviour, for the current year.


Section 3: Mince Pies Offer:

In addition to the good behaviour and ‘Christmas List’ document outlined above, we would like to offer a plate of mince pies, at no additional cost. If you decide to go ahead with Gilbhub on this project, we will also include free carrots for your first five reindeer. This will increase to carrots for every reindeer, if you decide to add us to the ‘Good’ list upfront, for Christmas 2015.



Hanna Gilbert

Owner, Gilbhub

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