Gilbhub TV: Should you go freelance?

Gilbhub TV: Should you go freelance?

Have you ever considered going freelance?

Perhaps it’s something you’d like to try but you’re concerned about the financial risks. Or maybe you’re already taking freelance work ‘on the side’ and are wondering whether to take the plunge into full time freelancing.

In this video I share some points to consider, when deciding whether or not to go freelance. This advice is based on my own experience of moving from permanent employment, to freelance copywriting.


Gilbhub TV: Should you go freelance?



Got questions about the freelancing life? Or are you a freelancer who can offer some top tips? Leave me a comment or connect with me on Twitter @hannagilb

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  • I have recently retired from several years as a freelance medical transcriptionist and prior to that, I typed and edited theses, dissertations, and term papers for students of Ohio State University. I am not satisfied with retirement nor do I want to return to the same kind of work I have done in the past. I recently heard about copywriting and am so excited about re-inventing myself to be involved in such an exciting career. I am trying to find the best way to get started. Do you know where I can find work with very little experience? (I have written business-to-business letters for 2 companies for free to try to build my portfolio.)

    • Hi Mary Ann, thanks so much for your comment.
      Absolutely – there are certainly ways to find copywriting work with little experience. Having said that, it sounds as though you actually have quite a lot of writing experience under your belt. Whilst copywriting for companies is a different discipline to what you’ve done before, it sounds as though you would have a lot of transferable skills which would stand you in good stead as a copywriter.

      As a general resource, I would suggest signing up to LinkedIn (if you haven’t already) and joining a couple of copywriting groups. I am a member of a group called ‘Freelance Copywriter’ ( which is very good. There are always lots of people available within the group to answer questions and offer advice to newcomers.

      To build your portfolio, I would suggest taking on some voluntary work if possible. You could contact local charities and not-for-profit organisations and see whether they have any print or online publications you could write for.
      There are also hundreds of online publications who use voluntary writers for blogging, writing articles and writing reviews. For example, I write regular reviews for a website called ‘Everything Theatre’. Try searching for terms like ‘voluntary writers’ or ‘guest bloggers wanted’.

      These are a great way of boosting your portfolio and getting experience in the different types of copywriting which a lot of people currently need.

      On the subject of gaining experience, you could also try websites like Copify ( They pay relatively low amounts of money for shorter, quick-turnaround articles. You aren’t allowed to publicise the work so it wouldn’t be a portfolio booster but it is good for getting some experience of writing quickly and in different styles. You’ll also earn a bit of cash from it too – which is always nice.

      I hope that’s helpful. Let me know if you join the LinkedIn group!



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