One simple trick to beat the ‘afternoon slump’

One simple trick to beat the ‘afternoon slump’

When are you most productive?


For me, it’s always been the mornings. I shoot through my ‘to do’ list, cup of tea in hand, ticking things off left, right and centre. I am a veritable whirlwind of biros and notepads.

Then I have lunch, feed Dante (more about him here) and take five.

I’ll then plough on until about 4pm, which historically, has been when the ‘slump’ kicks in.


When I first began copywriting professionally, I found that by 4pm my creativity was beginning to flag. Fresh ideas weren’t coming as quickly as they had at 10am and my energy levels were dropping.

Then, I discovered a simple trick, which has helped me no end: hot-desking.


The simple act of picking up my laptop and moving to new surroundings gives me a new lease of life, which carries me through until the end of the day. I don’t know if it’s sitting in a different seat or having a fresh view, but something about it perks me up.

Sometimes this means heading to a coffee shop, which is always nice (chiefly because there is cake). If you’re trying to save the pennies though, a local library is another good option. During the summer, you could even head to the park!

Alternatively, you can hot-desk without even leaving the house. Sometimes I switch things up by working at the kitchen table. A dining table or coffee table would work just as well.


If you work in an office, you may not have the option of changing desks. Even so, I’d recommend taking a short walk to clear your mind and shake off the ‘slump’. Grab a coffee down the road, or walk around the car park a couple of times. It doesn’t really matter where you go, as long as you’re getting a change of scene.

Now I’d love to hear from you- what do you do to beat the ‘afternoon slump’? Leave a comment below or tweet me @HannaGilb.

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  • yep works for me too…my usual office desk faces a brick wall (an historic wall though so not as grim as it sounds!) and sometimes I just move a few metres away, face a window and sit on a different chair :).


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