Trying my hand at polymer miniatures

I have always been fascinated by miniatures. 

For years I have admired those fancy doll houses, with the bay windows, electric lighting and more tiny, detailed decor than I have in my actual, real-life home. 

That said, I hadn’t really dabbled in the world of collecting or creating miniatures (save for my paper wardrobe)… until last summer.

Whilst on our annual canal boat holiday, we visited the truly amazing Hungerford Arcade, a twisty-turney old building, packed to the rafters (literally) with vintage wares and hand-made bits and bobs. In one of its many corners, I found a glass cabinet, filled with 1/12 scale plates of food, made by ‘Unit 28’.

They were so beautifully made and so detailed – I decided then and there that I wanted to try my hand at making some and I spent the rest of the holiday draining our boat’s limited wifi bandwidth, to research how.

I quickly came across an artist named Tanja Jensen, who makes unbelievably realistic miniature food under the online name ‘Sugar Charm Shop’. I’m nowhere near her level of skill but I did use a couple of her tutorials to try my hand at some teensy baked items and beans on toast.

Here are the results…

The bread and beans are made from white Fimo clay, coloured with pastel paints. The bean sauce is created with Liquid Fimo, again coloured with pastels. 

Not wishing to compare my work to hers (no really – it does my baguettes no favours!), if you haven’t seen Tanja’s work, it really is worth a look!

I’m looking forward to creating more mini-meals, so check back for updates.

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